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Do You Want My Best Arms & Abs Workouts To Do Over The Next 14-Days?

All You Need Is 20-Minutes For These Amazing Workouts!

Hey there, it's Kelsey! And...

I know right now is a really busy time of year, and when it comes to our workouts... I know many of us are struggling to find the time. That said...

You don't need a lot of time when you do the RIGHT workouts. In fact...

As little as 20-minutes can do the trick! And...

That's exactly why I decided to put together my 14-Day Arms & Abs Program for you...

The workouts are just 20-minutes, and will have you dripping in sweat by the end and feeling great!

Now, one thing to note here...

Even though I am calling this "Arms & Abs", I still made sure to sneak in some leg exercises for you too. So...

This is a great all around program and perfect for this busy time of year!

You'll get everything you need to see your best results, including...

Your Workout Manual...

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Your workout manual includes all the workouts written out for you and I've also included a full calendar for you to follow.

I've also included links to the follow along videos, where you can press "Play" and do the workouts with me.

These workouts are so fun, and I cannot wait for you to try them!

Follow Along Videos...

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You and I get to workout together on this pogram! That’s right… Every workout features a full follow along video. That means...

Simply press “PLAY” and do the workouts with me! In each workout, you'll get cues and modifications throughout!

Get ready to crush these workouts TOGETHER!

PLUS... We are including:

✅ Simple Nutrition Guide

✅ My Go-To Meals

✅ Bonus Mobility Workouts

✅ Access To Our Private Support Group

✅ Accountability From Me and Our Community

This plan is perfect for this time of year.

Something Special For You...

I wanted to do something extra special for this program.

Usually, we charge anywhere from $49 to $99 for our workout programs. However...

I want to give you first access to this 14-Day Arms & Abs Program for just a ONE-TIME payment of $37.00

That's right, just $37 and you'll have your workouts for this month (you can definitely repeat this program!) So...

Get started today and let's crush some workouts together!



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